Ideal solutions for all bird species

New Canariz offers supplements and powdered vitamins for birds, ideal for mixing in feeds to obtain the best results for correct and functional nutrition.

Miracle (250 gr) - Code 1300

MIRACLE - 250gr

Cod. 1300

25 gr/kg of feed

It is an antibacterial and poly vitamin, it prevents the mortality of the nestlings. Used constantly, it develops a balancing action on the intestinal bacterial flora, improving the subjects' digestive and immune activity.
We recommend constant use during the period of the cove to obtain excellent results.

New Ade (250gr) - Code 800

NEW ADE - 250gr

Cod. 800

10-20 gr/kg of feed

It is an indispensable food to favor the fertility and growth of birds and the increase in laid eggs.

Evit 2000 (250gr) - Code 900

EVIT 2000 - 250gr

Cod. 900

10-15 gr/kg of feed
Promotes singing

It is excellent for fertility and sexual maturity. Ideal for preparation for cove with increased egg hatching.

Complex B (250gr) - Code 1000

COMPLEX B - 250gr

Cod. 1000

20 gr/kg of feed

It is excellent for fertility and sexual maturity. Ideal for preparation for cove with increased egg hatching. Excellent intestinal purifier, indispensable for moulting. Composed of yeast and B vitamins and Methionine. The vitamins of group B actively participate in lipid-glycidic metabolism and have a general detoxifying action by regulating the assimilation of amino acids by the liver even after treatment with drugs. Ideal during coloring, it makes the plumage more brilliant.

New Imbecco (150gr) - Code 1350


Cod. 1350

The food for imbecco of all nests

New caseina (200gr) - Code 1360


Cod. 1360

To increase the protein value of the food.
It does not create gilding.

Natural Lievito (200gr) - Code 1370


Cod. 1370

Excellent for intestinal flora. Zootechnical additive, stabilizer of intestinal flora, capable of stimulating digestive metabolism, significantly improving the ability to fully use the nutrients present in the feed. The use determines an increase in the productivity of the animals and at the same time helps to preserve them in excellent health conditions.

Uovo Energetic (200gr) - Code 1380


Cod. 1380

Nutritional element that favors the increase of the protein value in the food. With natural protein and egg vitamins.

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